What to do in your garden in April

What is that old saying? April showers bring May flowers? Yes, in April we are likely to see some rain…and with that our soils are likely to be depleted of their nutrients so one of the most important things you can do this month is amend your soils and fertilize to help keep your soils full of those helpful nutrients that will keep your plants full of vigor and life throughout the growing season!

What other tasks should you add to your “gardening to-do list” this month?

  • Protecting fruit blossoms – there is still the possibility of heavy frosts ahead so protecting those vulnerable fruit blossoms is important to ensure a hearty crop later this season. Covering your fruit trees and bushes on nights when frost is in the forecast is a good idea
  • Divide waterlilies – we often think to divide our perennials in the spring but how often do we think to pop over to the water garden to do the same? Waterlillies need dividing as well, and April is the ideal time to do this
  • Repair your lawn – the winter can be harsh on your lawn. Starting now you can begin to repair those bald and damaged spots or sow a new lawn
  • Vegetable and herb gardens – you can begin sowing your seeds for many vegetable and herb seeds in April. Be sure to check the packages for sowing times as they will vary for plant to plant
  • Spent bulbs – once your bulbs have finished blooming be sure to leave them in place and resist the urge to cut back the foliage. By cutting back the foliage you weaken the bulb and decrease the plants show for the following year
  • Keep on top of weeding! This will help save lots of time later, and keep your plants from being crowded out and fighting for space (and nutrients!)
  • Feathered friends – keep feeding the birds! Our feathered friends will continue to hunt for food throughout the month. If you do not have a bird feeder consider investing in one!

The warmer weather is just around the corner and with it will brings plenty of flowers and colour. A bit of work now will go a long way in the months ahead! Happy gardening!

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